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Retro city building!

Silicon City uses old game design and revisit the genre of city simulation. If you've already played to the earliest versions of Sim City©, you will find here tribute to the original game from the 90's. Your city is here based on a classic squared grid, ready for good old urban planning techniques.

Welcome Mayor!

You've been elected as the new mayor of a city. Start with a procedurally-generated land and build your city from empty plains and forests to a concrete jungle with hundreds of thousands of citizens.
Build residential areas to allow new citizens to move in. Provide them electricity and a place to work. Watch out their own needs and financial situation to adapt your urban layout.

A citizen's life

Your decisions will impact every of your citizen's life. Lay a smart road grid to help them commute to work faster. Build schools to boost their skills and motivation for better jobs and to raise new limits. Your citizens will wake up early with the sun and spend their day between work, entertainment and social activities. Fulfill their wishes and get enough followers before the next mayor elections.

Traffic jams

The worst enemy of every city building players is back. Due to the squared grid, the navigation used by your citizen is more understandable and its optimization is deeply customizable. Most of the jobs have different shifts times, but beware of critical rush hour times or your citizens might lose their job if they get stuck on the road every day. Each workplace's productivity is affected by the skills of your citizens and their ability to reach work on time. Place your commercial and industrial zones carefully.

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Beta campaign participation rewards

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Before it was cool

You were part of the beta campaign before the game opened to the early access phase. Provide us feedback and we will take them into account during the development progress.

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My name is Maximus

Contribute to the game early funding and get the name you want to as a character in the game. The name must have a first name and a last name*.

Claim this COOL reward if you can contribute a little bit to the game. We'll get in touch with you once the name is included in the game.

*We reserve the right to refuse the name you submit if it might be offended or inapropriate.

Look at my house!

Hey you want your own building in Silicon City?

That's right, like your own house, a building you have in your dreams or one that exists already in the real world?
What about we design it for you and include it in the game?

Claim this AWESOME reward if you can contribute to the game this way. Let us know what you want and we'll do our best to thank you for your generous support.

You will get access to the following files:

silicon-city-windows.zip 190 MB
Version 5
silicon-city-osx.zip 192 MB
Version 7

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Hello there, Silicon City looks nice, i guess it's a great game. I've seen there's  mac-port now. Please consider doing a Linuxport too. I would love to test this game. Keep up the good work and have fun developing.


Thank you @meldrian! We'll let you now as soon as it's ready!


Awesome games, just great job for making this games !

Thank you TwigWallder !

is anyone else having problems with the fire station jobs never being filled?

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Hi Barzenoki, is this happen right after the fire station is built ?

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated.

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Thanks. Yes we thought about prioritizing the firemen jobs to be filled in as they are more important than any other jobs in the city.
Or most likely, in the next update we'll let the mayor increase the fire dpt budget. That will raise the firemen salary and encourage the silizens to take the job!

(1 edit)

Hi Barzenoki. We fixed the bug you mentionned. Firemen position are now correctly applied by the citizens. Your city should not burn if you take care of the firestation(s) :)

Thank you !

Love this so much, the music is great, and I haven't seen a city builder take it in this direction before. Super excited for more development. 

I noticed that when building the pedestrian alleys, if you hold down the mouse it'll place them on top of other pedestrian alleys, and can drain your money in the process.

Hi Skunkstuff22, maybe the city road department is trying to increase their budget ? Those guys are greedy... ^^

We'll have a look to this baaaaad behavior and fix it for the next version.

Thanks for the feedback !

Hi Skunkstuff22. The bug you mentionned has been fixed with the latest update. Once again thank you for your really appreciated feedback !

very good

Thanks !

Fine little city builder/manager. As it is (sep 2020), its enjoyable and simple to take in hands. There is some ambitious managing content in devellopment and some are almost complete.

Thanks. We're working on many other features that we will implement in the upcoming months.

Stay tuned.