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Retro city building is back!

Silicon City is a tribute to the good ol’ city builders from the 90’s. It revisits classic game mechanics such as grid-based playground with procedural development, different types of construction (residential area, public service building, shops and offices, parks and cultural areas) the organization of road traffic and managing the evolution of citizens.

Welcome Mayor!

You've been elected as the new mayor of a city. Start with a procedurally-generated land and build your city from empty plains and forests to a concrete jungle with hundreds of thousands of citizens.
Build residential areas to allow new citizens to move in. Provide them electricity and a place to work. Watch out their own needs and financial situation to adapt your urban layout.

You’re in charge!

As the newly-elected mayor, you’ll start from scratch. Transform an empty piece of land into a concrete jungle, welcoming thousands of citizens.

Build residential areas for future electors to move in. Provide them with electricity, entertainment and jobs. Monitor their financial situation to tweak and polish your urban layout.

Don’t take it easy

You must be re-elected! Citizens are counting on you. They will spend their days between work, entertainment and social activities. Provide them a variety of schools and jobs to help them to boost their skills. Meet their demands to grow your followers for the next elections.

Planning is everything

Get ready to face your worst enemy: traffic jams. Thanks to our own specific technology, you’ll get a better understanding of how to optimize the navigation of your citizens.

It’s essential to prevent them from losing their jobs, because they have been trapped in the morning rush hour, and on top of that it will cause less pollution. Also, don’t let them drive for hours to get basic groceries. They’ll be grateful.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorPolycorne Games
Made withUnity, Blender
TagsCity Builder, construction, Indie, Retro
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesGerman, English, French, Dutch
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Homepage, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Discord


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

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Great game, you guys did outstanding work!! One thing I think would be nice is collapsible UI elements. They do take up a good portion of the screen, and it can feel pretty claustrophobic 


Thank you ! Feedbacks are much appreciated !

Collapsible... you mean... like this ? :)


but i think that 1 year is kinda a little even for demo

THANKS @mexoff!

The game will soon be available for purchase (october)! You'll have unlimited time of play and many new features available soon! We hope you'll have the chance to try it out, but many thanks for your review, we're very excited to approach the early access release!

Will this game feature a sandbox mode?


Yes! There is a sandbox mode available (in the full version)

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Love this game good work carry on doing your best.

However, unfortunately I cant play large maps as my computer is to bad to handle this but from what I played its great. Please continue being great. 

If you want some feedback then I can suggest adding more detailed and better looking buildings.  That's all from me :)


Thanks siyomono0!
New buildings are on the way!
Also, we've been working a lot on performances. You might see some great improvements for the next release (in a week or so). Thank you for playing :*

Nice thanks I like to see your determination. Hope his game thrives

I've played the game for a few days now, and I can confidently say it's a good, fun little game. I have one question, though, do you intend to add public transportation and more road options in the future?

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Hi! Thanks for your feedback !

Yes we do. We're currently working on the road system which have some bugs (especially the avenues). The current system is a simplified implementation of this Rushhour – Traffic simulation software - Polycorne

About public transportation, it will comes later in the game ('cause we have many other thing to finalize before :))


Thanks for such a quick response! It's good to hear that the current road system won't be the final one and I'm excited for what future versions of the game may hold!

As I don't buy on itch often, does the game cost something? I'd give you some money, after having seen the clip meldrian made.  I'm curious and I would like to try it out myself. Just asking as the installation without paying something didn't work.

Hello Yanabamenara,

the game works the same way if you gift us some money or not. You can download without paying anything until June.

What did not work ? Do you have a screenshot ?

You can join our Discord if you need support : https://discord.gg/CfZ5aVXdm8

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yesterday I got a warning that I needed to pay first. Today, the itch app tells me I need to download extra packages from somewhere (yes, I'm lazy not to install it by hand, so sue me *g*). 

I haven't yet, cause I would need to resarch that first before installing something unknown with sudo rights. 

I'm using Ubuntu 18.04, by the way.

I'll join the discord, to see if I find more info, thanks.

ETA: I had the itch app in Sandbox mode - that was the problem.

Hello there, Silicon City looks nice, i guess it's a great game. I've seen there's  mac-port now. Please consider doing a Linuxport too. I would love to test this game. Keep up the good work and have fun developing.


Thank you @meldrian! We'll let you now as soon as it's ready!


Hello meldrian, We know it took some time, but Silicon City is now available for Linux on itch.io!

We hope you'll enjoy the game

no freaking way, you did it?!
I've to publish this @ holarse asap so the world knows.
Thx for porting and many more thx for hit up on my comment from half a year ago. Awesome, i really appreciate!

We're looking forward to your feedback on the game :)

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you TwigWallder !

is anyone else having problems with the fire station jobs never being filled?

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Hi Barzenoki, is this happen right after the fire station is built ?

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated.

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Thanks. Yes we thought about prioritizing the firemen jobs to be filled in as they are more important than any other jobs in the city.
Or most likely, in the next update we'll let the mayor increase the fire dpt budget. That will raise the firemen salary and encourage the silizens to take the job!

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Hi Barzenoki. We fixed the bug you mentionned. Firemen position are now correctly applied by the citizens. Your city should not burn if you take care of the firestation(s) :)

Thank you !

Love this so much, the music is great, and I haven't seen a city builder take it in this direction before. Super excited for more development. 

I noticed that when building the pedestrian alleys, if you hold down the mouse it'll place them on top of other pedestrian alleys, and can drain your money in the process.

Hi Skunkstuff22, maybe the city road department is trying to increase their budget ? Those guys are greedy... ^^

We'll have a look to this baaaaad behavior and fix it for the next version.

Thanks for the feedback !

Hi Skunkstuff22. The bug you mentionned has been fixed with the latest update. Once again thank you for your really appreciated feedback !

Deleted post

Thanks !

Fine little city builder/manager. As it is (sep 2020), its enjoyable and simple to take in hands. There is some ambitious managing content in devellopment and some are almost complete.

Thanks. We're working on many other features that we will implement in the upcoming months.

Stay tuned.