Silicon City v0.34 "Hopfenkäse" update log

We just released a new update, Silicon City v0.34! Discover the new features of this last version since the early access one.


Due to bugs encountered recently by players, we were able to find a way to improve the energy distribution in Silicon City!

The small energy balls that can be seen sailing around the city in the energy view are now independent of the game speed. The consumption and production of energy of all the buildings is now consistant and avoids the slowdowns linked to a high game speed.


When a house or an apartment is no longer occupied by any silizen for a while, they become abandoned and need to be razed by the mayor in order to renew the residential area and avoid the negative effects of an abandoned building.

As a mayor you must ensure that the residences remain attractive to your citizens. If they become derelict, the surrounding area is probably not attractive enough.


The houses of our dear silizens are embellished with new trees! The higher the land value, the more the variety of gardens will vary. Look at these apartments of the most beautiful effect!


To expand the possibilities of the city editor in sandbox mode, and to give you more opportunities to create the city of your dreams, we have added a terrain editor mode, giving you the possibility to change the type of soil.


Thanks to your feedbacks on our Discord server, we could make some nice fixes and upgrades as you suggested.

Release content

NEW: Houses and apartments are becoming more and more varied! With embellished gardens and abandoned houses to rebuild. Customize your gardens
NEW: The soil painting tool for forests, fields and beaches
NEW: New tool to destroy the building without destroying the zone (Residential, commercial or industrial)
UPDATE: Performance improvements. Better parallel threading
UPDATE: citizens search for their way in several times if it is too far
UPDATE: French and English translations fixed
UPDATE: 3D models of forests are drawn in a more natural way
UPDATE: Rebalancing of the solar panels features
UPDATE: If a word is not translated, the english word is dispayed (useful for translators)
UPDATE: The marina has been redesigned
UPDATE: A maintenance message is displayed for challenges between midnight and noon each monday
FIX: trackers on top of buildings don't go out of the screen anymore
FIX: Game do not crash on MacOS + Silicon M1 chipset anymore
FIX: The sun do not created a very bright and dazzling light anymore
FIX: Firefighters and ambulance drivers do not use their emergency vehicle to reach the emergency destination
FIX: Sometimes databars are not updated when building information change

Known issues

KI: Texture of several buildings are bugged
KI: Some silizens loose their way when they look for entertainment
KI: The townhall is given twice during the mission 'Reach 1000 silizens'
KI: When a gifted building is destroyed, it is not possible to build it back

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