Silicon City v0.35.7 patch notes

Patch content

FIX: The sentence in the status line of the building (bottom was wrong). Text now count the number of available jobs in the building.
FIX: Graphic glitch with carrot crops 
FIX: Exception raised when Discord is not connected to Internet 
FIX: House lvl0 still have residents after downgrade
FIX: Silizens coming back from delivery don't hide bubble
FIX: Hats appears slightly rotated on the head of the silizens in 3D mode 
FIX: Tweets from profiles the mayor follow don't show up in the mayor tweetboard 
FIX: "Help the farmers" mission has the wrong unit
FIX: When fire destroy the city, powerbals are stuck in the middle of nowhere 
FIX: Silizens do not keep their car color between two car trip
UPDATE: You can now play with camera options (such has travelling, 2nd camera for video capture, camera rotation, etc...) by pressing F6. Documentation will follow.
UPDATE: You can display the shortcut key by pressing 
UPDATE: Dutch language has been added to the game. You can select it from the ingame settings. UPDATE: Clicking a second time to a building in the building bar will unselect it 
UPDATE: Disasters button now display in every mode as soon as a disaster is ongoing in the city. You can switch between two disasters using prev/next disaster button 
UPDATE: As a player in Sandbox mode, I want to have a disasters toolbar
UPDATE: Memory footprints improvements 
UPDATE: General performance improvements

Known issues

KI: When a gifted building is destroyed, it is not possible to build it back
KI: Factories 3D models are a total mess in data view

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Version Jun 13, 2022 360 MB
Version Jun 13, 2022 328 MB
Version Jun 13, 2022 328 MB
Version Jun 13, 2022 328 MB
Version Jun 13, 2022 360 MB
Version Jun 13, 2022

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